NCC, Ngāti Koata and Tasman Pine Forests Ltd have contracted a team of professional hunters (Trap and Trigger Ltd) to undertake culling of ungulate species (i.e. deer, goats and pigs) in the following areas (see map below):

The Back Country Cull: Maitai and Roding Water Reserves. These areas will be closed 24/7 for the date range of the operation, the exception being the Coppermine Trail which will be open on weekends from midnight Fridays until midnight Sundays only .

Front Country Cull: Atmore Reserve, Tantragee Reserve, Eureka Park, Brook Conservation Reserve, Marsden Valley Reserve, and Ngati Koata Whenua/TPFL forest adjoining Codgers and Fringed Hill (i.e. Hira Forest south-west of Matai Valley Road). All these areas will be closed Monday – Friday and open weekends from midnight Fridays until midnight Sundays only.


Sharlands – Open but Sharlands Rd (from .5km mark) is still being shut regularly during the week.. Please observe barriers and closed signs.

Closed Monday – Friday for the culling operation – All of Codgers, Codgers Maitai, Fringed Hill, and Coppermine.

Closed 24/7 for the culling operation – Black Diamond, Black Diamond to Third House link, Sunrise Ridge East and West, Peaking Ridge, Whaimana, Mutleys, Cranknstein, Right Crank, 629, Involution, and E Tū.

Open weekends only during the culling operation – Codgers, Codgers Maitai, Coppermine, FDH, Butters, Te Ara Koa and Classic