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A Mountain Bike forestry permit is required to ride on all trails in Tasman Pine Forest Limited forests

Membership includes a Hira forest mountain bike permit (including Codgers - Maitai), the ability to book at the Wairoa Gorge and lots of member benefits.

Our membership prices for 2020 are as follows: 

Standard Membership  $45

Family Membership      $75

Junior Membership      $30



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A temporary mountain bike permit ONLY to ride in Tasman Pine Forests Limited forests.

Temporary forest permit prices for 2020:

Two week permit $15 (valid from date of purchase)




Nelson Mountain Bike Club has been going for over 20 years, and we have an active membership of 3500 members. There are three things we focus on:

Ride - helping ensure that our members have fun riding their bikes off road, no matter what skill or fitness level you are. You must be a member to be able to ride at the Wairoa Gorge.

Dig - making sure that there are high-quality mountain bike trails in Nelson for you to ride on. We plan them with the landowners, we build them through our volunteers and contractors, we pay for the materials needed and we maintain them so they continue to be a valued resource for everyone to enjoy. NMTBC manages over 150km of trails in and around Nelson - joining the club is vital so we can keep up the good work.

Race - we host a wide variety of races and events throughout the year that cater for all fitness and skill levels, from national level downhill races to mass participation fun rides. NMTBC organises and manages close to 40 events every year so that you can come along and have some fun.

By joining NMTBC you help fund this activity. All of the membership money we receive goes back into helping make Nelson an even better place to ride a mountain bike. The profit from events goes directly back into organising more events.

As a member of NMTBC you will also receive an annual Tasman Pine Forests Limited forest permit (usual price $55) - which enables you to legally ride a wide range of quality NMTBC built trails in Ngati Koata owned forests. This includes all of the trails in the Hira/Sharland's trail network and Turners, IV Line, Top Dog, Lollipop and various other trails on Ngati Koata land in the Codgers MTB Park.

You also get to take advantage of loads of NMTBC member-only offers from local companies saving you money on everything from bike parts to food, beer and DIY kit!

  • Membership costs $45 (inc GST) for a single adult (includes one Tasman Pine Forests Ltd permit). Reduced to $25 from October to December.
  • Membership for a family costs $75 (inc GST) (reduced to $40 from October to December) which gets you up to six named members who all live at the same address and includes TWO Tasman Pine Forests Ltd permits. Each additional family member after the first two members will automatically get allocated another permit at a cost of $11.50 each. If additional permits are required for bikes they can be added for $11.50 each.
  • Membership for under 17yr olds costs $30 (inc GST) (reduced to $20 from October to December) and includes one Tasman Pine Forests Ltd permit.

Registration reminders are sent out during the first week of January each year to existing members. We accept bank transfers via Polipay and also have Stripe for online payments available for memberships. Unfortunately our young and super enthusiastic membership team have no idea what a cheque is, or what you would even do with one, so sorry we don't accept cheques for membership payments.

Membership runs from 1 January - 31 December (the annual forest permit is valid from 1 January - 31 December).

By joining NMTBC you are helping us support the growth of mountain biking in the Nelson region, giving us a strong voice to effectively lobby for mountain biking with the councils/landowners, you are helping ensure loads of quality trails for you, your family and your friends to ride on and you are helping us host more fun events. Thanks.


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