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In early 2021 the Nelson Mountain Club released an App for members. The NMTBC App allows riders to join NMTBC, keep up to date with the latest club news and will eliminate the need for the club to mail over 3000 membership packs, saving time, money and the environment.

The App gives you an individual membership/permit number which replaces your old permit sticker. This is your proof of membership for riding in permit areas (see below for details), your number for booking at the Wairoa Gorge and proof of membership to receive membership benefits.

Joining for the first time
If you are joining for the first time (wahoo – welcome!), just download the Nelson Mountain Bike Club App below and sign up, or hit the computer link to sign up.

Renewing your membership
Your membership will expire ONE YEAR after you first joined.  You will receive a reminder email to renew on that day.  You currently cannot renew prior to this day.

Subscription option
When signing up, you can choose a SUBSCRIPTION.  This way your membership will renew automatically each year.

The App is designed to be used on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet but there is also a link below to allow you to join on a computer. (Please note you cannot renew via a computer – please email us at for details on how to renew if you are not using a smartphone.)

Membership fees 

We have three different tiers of membership: Gold, Silver and Bronze.  The tiered system was introduced at the start of 2024 as feedback provided to the club about the cost of membership varied.  Some members felt the 2023 price was too cheap while others didn’t want to see a large increase in cost.

The tiered system allows members to choose a level that they are comfortable with.  There are no additional benefits to any level other then the amount of money you’re contributing to making Nelson a great place to ride.


  • Bronze – $65.00
  • Silver – $85.00
  • Gold – $100.00


  • Bronze Family – $105.00 (for two Adults + $15.00 extra per child)
  • Silver Family – $125.00 (for two Adults + $15.00 extra per child)
  • Gold Family – $145.00 (for two Adults + $15.00 extra per child)

  •  $45.00

Nelson Mountain Bike Club has been going for over 20 years, and we have an active membership of over 3500 members. There are three things we focus on:

Ride – helping ensure that our members have fun riding their bikes off road, no matter what skill or fitness level you are. Membership includes a Tasman Pine Forests Permit for access to ride on Ngati Koata owned land such as the Hira Forest, including Sharlands and Maitai-Codgers. Membership includes public liability insurance. Membership enables you to be able to ride at the Wairoa Gorge Mountain Bike Park for a discounted rate.  

Dig – making sure that there are high-quality mountain bike trails in Nelson for you to ride on. We plan them with the landowners, we build them through our volunteers and contractors, we pay for the materials needed and we maintain them so they continue to be a valued resource for everyone to enjoy. NMTBC manages over 150km of trails in and around Nelson – joining the club is vital so we can keep up the good work.

Race – we host a wide variety of races and events throughout the year that cater for all fitness and skill levels, from national level downhill races to mass participation fun rides. NMTBC organises and manages close to 40 events every year so that you can come along and have some fun.

By joining NMTBC you help fund this activity. All of the membership money we receive goes back into helping make Nelson an even better place to ride a mountain bike. The profit from events goes directly back into organising more events.

As a member you also get to take advantage of loads of NMTBC member-only offers from local companies saving you money on everything from bike parts to food, beer and DIY kit! You can easily recoup your membership fees.

Membership is valid for one year from date of purchase.

By joining NMTBC you are helping us support the growth of mountain biking in the Nelson region, giving us a strong voice to effectively lobby for mountain biking with the councils/landowners, you are helping ensure loads of quality trails for you, your family and your friends to ride on and you are helping us host more fun events. Thank you for supporting us.

Once you have successfully downloaded the App to a device or opened the computer friendly link you will first need to create an account. Once your account is set up select ‘BECOME A PAID MEMBER.” There will be four options for becoming a paid member:

Adult membership (1 membership for 18yrs and older)
Junior membership (1 membership for 17yrs and younger)
Family membership (2 Adults and up to 6 juniors)
Enter Family Code (to be used by your family members to add the App to their device. See notes below.)

Family Membership Tips

When joining as a family you will be asked to select the number of family members for your membership and once you have completed the process and paid, you will be given a unique Family Code.

The Family Code will show on your home page CARD once you have completed your membership. Your family members who have an email address, will be invited to join via an email. They will need to create their own account, either on your device (log out and get them to log in again) or download the App to their own device to create their own account.

To add the membership to their device, click on “BECOME A PAID MEMBER” first and then select “Enter a Family Code.” No additional payment will be required.

Yes you can. They will be listed on the primary member’s account only and will not be able to log into the App should they wish to.

If you don’t have access to a smart phone, you can use the compute link to create your membership. This is NOT available for family memberships at this time unfortunately.  Please contact the administration team and we can email your membership/permit to you.

We do recommend always riding with a phone but if you don’t ride with one we can email you your permit for you to print out and carry with you.

We suggest taking a screenshot of your home page to show when you don’t have reception or credit. In addition, the App works with no internet connection if it is left open in the background and has been opened while you have an internet connection. You can switch pages etc. and the permit will still be there. Offline capability coming soon!

Unfortunately the answer is no. We are required to pay an access fee for all riders over 17 years old. Your 18 year old will need an adult membership. The family membership includes two adults only and up to six children.

No. The membership/permit is personal and is assigned to one person, no matter what bike you are riding!