Our Code

#1 rule - have fun riding your bike.

#2 rule - be considerate while you're having fun riding your bike.

#3 rule - don't litter.

The way you ride, the way you interact with people when you ride and the respect you show to the environment all have a big impact on the way NMTBC is seen by our community. We aren't going to preach to you about how to behave, but please be a considerate trail user.

Most of our tracks are on land that we have been very kindly granted access to. We don't own it. We rely on great relationships with the land owners and managers, built up over decades, so that we can have access to build trails and have fun on our bikes.

Below is the basic code that we request all mountain bikers follow. Most of it is just common sense, but not sticking to it will have real implications for us all. Thanks.

The following Mountain Biker's code was developed by Mountain Bike NZ in liaison with key stakeholders and DOC.

Respect others:

- Stay in control. So you can safely avoid others and keep yourself intact.
- Give way to walkers.
- Use a bell or greeting when approaching others. Most negative feedback from walkers on shared-use tracks concerns being surprised by bikers approaching without warning.
- Ride shared-use tracks in small groups. A ‘bike-train’ with a dozen riders displaces other users. 6-8, or less, is a better number.

Respect the rules:

- Only ride MTB and shared-use tracks; stay off closed tracks – including those that are seasonally closed to protect the surface or minimise conflict with other users. Land managers are generally pretty reasonable so talk with them about issues or ideas you may have.
- Be prepared - take food, water, tools, First Aid and warm clothes. Plan for the unexpected - a change in the weather, an accident or getting lost and late.
- Obtain permission from private landowners before you set out.
- Leave gates as you find them either open or closed to keep stock where they are intended to be.

Respect the track:

- Don't skid, cut corners or make new lines. Skidding creates water channels and causes erosion. Use both brakes to slow down without skidding as you approach a corner. Cutting corners is cheating and damages fragile ecosystems.
- Avoid riding in the mud and rain. Both bikes and walkers damage soft, wet tracks.
- Clean your bike to prevent spreading weeds like gorse and didymo.
- Take rubbish home – like banana skins, old tubes and snack wrappers. Rubbish in the outdoors detracts from everyone’s experience.

Respect public access easements:

Some mountain bike rides travel along public access easements through private land. All easements and tracks are well marked. Please:

- Stay on the public easement track.
- Leave gates as you find them.
- Do not disturb stock – cycle slowly through livestock areas.

Oh yeah - and have fun, smile, say 'hello' when you meet people and help out if someone is in trouble.