Land Owner: Nelson City Council / Ngati Koata
Trail Manager: NMTBC

Permit:  No permit is required to ride Codgers Bike Park but a forest permit is required to ride Codgers - Maitai. Please see the list of trails below the map. 

The Codgers Mountain Bike Park is handily placed in the heart of Nelson and contains a wide range of mountain bike trails, from easy meandering single track for beginners and families to enjoy to full on double black downhill trails best left to the experts. The trails are based around three hills, with the summits rising to approximately 400m.

The trails all start from Brook Street & Codgers Recreation Hub and are very well signposted. You aren't ever too far from civilisation so you can tailor your ride as you go - from 30 minutes right up to several hours.

The trails have been created through a partnership between Nelson City Council and the Nelson Mountain Bike Club and have been built to a professional standard. All are clearly signposted - and the locals are very friendly and most only too happy to point you in the right direction.

The trails suit all types of mountain bike - from rigid single speeds and hard tails right through to 6" all mountain style bikes

Parking: Nelson City Council have provided parking/toilets/bike wash facilities for Codgers Trails at the Codgers Recreation Hub. Enter off Tantragee Road. Click here for Map.


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