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The membership period runs from January to December.

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-  Individual Membership costs $45 (inc GST) and includes one Tasman Pine forests Ltd permit. NB: reduced to $30 for the rest of 2017

-  Family Membership costs $75 (inc GST), reduced to $50 for the rest of 2017.  Use the 'Add Family Member' button to add each member after the primary member. This detail is required for Wairoa Gorge bookings and to add all members to our email newsletter. You can have up to six named members who all live at the same address.  Family membership includes TWO Tasman Pine Forests Ltd permits by default. Each additional family member after the first two members will automatically get allocated another permit at a cost of $11.50 each.

Only add Additional Permits if they are required for extra bikes.  Each additional permit costs $11.50. 

-  Junior Membership for under 17yr olds costs $40 (inc GST) and includes one Tasman Pine Forests Ltd permit. NB:reduced to $20 for the rest of 2017

PLEASE NOTE THAT 2018 MEMBERSHIP PACKS WILL NOT BE SENT TO YOU UNTIL DECEMBER 2018.  After that, they will be sent to you within two weeks of joining.


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We encourage a culture of 'No Dig, No Ride' but recognise that not all members are available to participate in working bees due to family or work commitments, so as an alternative you may wish to make an additional donation towards the cost of trail development and maintenance. Choose from the options below or enter the amount you wish to donate and it will be added to your Membership payment total. 100% of money donated will go towards trail improvement activity.

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