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The Nelson Mountain Bike Club is a volunteer-driven organisation that works to improve mountain biking in Nelson, New Zealand, and surrounding areas.

Set up over 20 years ago we have a membership of over 1000, of all ages and abilities, and are active in all disciplines of mountain biking.

We have fun riding our bikes, we build and maintain a fantastic network of trails, we organise a wide range of events throughout the year and we advocate for Nelson's mountain bikers.

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Big thanks to Sven Martin, Cam Moore, David Chadwick, and Corey Russ for the images we've used on this website.

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Codgers harvest - update

As you might have heard the final phase of harvesting has just started in Codgers. This work will last for at least four weeks. The good news is that Pipeline, Jack's Track, Firball and IV Line will remain open. Access will only be via Tantragee Road (past the community gardens), so please follow all signs, don't climb any fences and follow all verbal instructions from workers whilst the harvesting operation is taking place. We don't want you getting squashed!

Since the storm last year Codgers has had a long road to recovery. We managed to reinstate Firball, Gully and Walnut on the Nelson City Council owned side of the hill and NCC, via its contractor Nelmac, did a great job on the Dun Mountain Trail, Pipeline and Jack's Track. But some old favourites like P51, Mutation and the lower tracks like Tusk and Snout were left alone following discussion with NCC as we knew they were going to be totalled in this final phase of harvesting.

We, with the help of our amazing volunteers, spent thousands of hours on the Turners rebuild and TM2YL climbing track, as well as giving IV Line and the exit of Top Dog a bit of a polish. Ian Patterson led the charge in keeping Top Dog and Lollipop running great - so we have plenty of trails to ride on, just not as many as we were used to.

This final phase of harvesting will be completed by the end of February. NMTBC is in discussion with NCC regarding the development of new mountain bike trails in the area once it's cleared and we'll let you know the details once they are finalised. We have some exciting plans that will cater for all of our members, from beginners right through to those that like things a bit wilder. The other great news is that this area is going to be replanted with natives and exotics - so, once developed, will be with us for a very long time.

When the time is right we'll be looking for financial and physical help to get this resource built to a standard we can all be proud of. We'll keep you in the loop, everyone who is interested is very welcome to get involved.

See you out there.