A week on and we still do not have a full picture of what our trails look like!
We are working together with all our stakeholders to get things open as soon as possible.  What is clear, is that we will not get all trails opened before summer.  We are hopeful however, that each week we will see trails progressively open.  Please be patient and adhere to any signage and taping.  There will be big repercussions for all of us if you don’t, so be a legend, not a loser.

Areas Outside Nelson City to Ride

  • The Wairoa Gorge opens this weekend and the trails are groomed! Book here.
  • Silvan Forest MTB Park – opens 31 August
  • Cable Bay Adventure Park – open
  • Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park – open


Check Trailforks or the Membership App for updates

Trails Open:
  • Coppermine (Brook Street to Saddle Road ONLY)
  • Lower Firball (below Jack’s Hub only)
  • Lower Crazy Horse (below Jack’s Hub only)
  • Young Codgers
  • Saddle Road.
Trails Closed:
Everything else in Codgers remains closed.  There are numerous unstable slips requiring Geotech sign-off before work can get underway on these.  Due to limited resources this could be weeks before work can commence.
Closed. Heavy machinery operating on roads.
We have not been able to get access to the Codgers/Maitai trails yet.  Tasman Pine Forests Ltd are working on some of the access roads which have major slips and we hope that once this work is done, we can access the trails to assess them.



Currently there is no way to access these trails, as Tantragee Road, the Coppermine and Groom Creek Road are closed.  Initial investigations show that upper Butters and Te Ara Koa are good, but the sections below the Coppermine have major slips.

Trails beyond Black Diamond Ridge have no serious damage which is good news, but unfortunately nothing can be accessed and there are no safe exits yet!

All recreation access STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Harvesting operations and major flooding and slipping.
We hope to have a status update on Involution by the end of the week.