23 August 2022
Currently ALL NELSON TRAILS ARE CLOSED. This includes Codgers, Codgers/Maitai, Sharlands, Fringed Hill, Maitai Valley and Marsden Valley.
Please be patient while landowners continue to assess their land. Initial reports from NCC on Codgers is that the damage is major.  While it is sunny and looks safe, the land is still unstable and it is still moving. Geotech assessments will be required for most of the slips and initial assessments are that they are too big to be moved by hand. While there is some work that volunteers can help with, the destroyed access means volunteers cannot safely undertake any work yet. 
Fringed Hill Trails have yet to be assessed.
We re-iterate the fact that all forestry is CLOSED.  Tasman Pine Forests have been very clear that we are not to enter ANY of their forestry (including Codgers/Maitai), even to check. 
The Gorge road is accessible and the team is out there today assessing the trails. If you are able to join us for the working bee this weekend – we’d love to see you there.  Sign up here.
Stay safe everyone.