Trail closures - may 2022


Here is the Nelson City Council article on the closures.

In summary the following reserves will be closed from 2 May during week days:

  • Atmore Reserve
  • Tantragee Reserve
  • Brook Conservation Reserve
  • Marsden Valley Reserve

This closes all mountain bike and walking access to Codgers (front and back), Fringed Hill and Marsden Reserve during the week. The Reserves will be open in the weekends.

This also effectively closes access to Fringed Hill trails during the week during these closures as the Maitai Dam end is also closed due to harvesting.

TRAIL WORK – Maitai Valley Trail

As the major trail connecting Nelson city to the new Maitai Recreation Hub, the Maitai Valley trail is getting a touch up.

Please note that from 26 April to 2 May – access across Almond Tree Flat, between Sunday Hole and the Waahi Taakaro Golf Course will be restricted.  Access across the paddock will be possible but care will need to be taken to avoid machinery, uneven surfaces on the site of work and uneven surfaces on non-worn tracks over the paddock.

Between 2 May to 13 May – the shared pathway will be closed between Sunday Hole and the Waahi Taakaro Golf Course to allow for maintenance work which will involve heavy equipment, however, access will be available on weekends.

Please check for updates on Trailforks or the Membership App, before riding in this area during this time.