Sunday Dig Day 6 Nov - FDH Re-route
TRAIL UPDATE – 9 November
1. Fringed Hill Trails:

Good news for those of you itching to get out on longer rides. Work on repairing the Maitai Raw Pipeline (the main water supply to Nelson that was damaged in the August weather event), has progressed really well.  Accordingly, the Maitai Valley Road will open from midday Friday 11 November. Harvesting has also been completed.  This means that from midday Friday 11 November, the following trails will be open:

  • Black Diamond
  • Sunrise Ridge
  • Whaimana (dependent on trees being cleared)
  • Crankenstein
  • Right Crank
  • 629
  • Peaking Ridge
  • Mutleys
  • E Tu

NB: While these trails were checked post-storm, they have not been ridden/checked since. Expect to see some trees down and other possible issues with these trails, especially E Tu and Mutleys which have been closed all year.

Please report any trail issues on Trailforks.

2. Coppermine Trail:

The Coppermine Trail will open this weekend all the way through to the dam, with the pipeline section detour in place out via the Maitai Valley Road. The section between Four Corners and Third House will be closed long term , with a detour in place up the Sanctuary Fence line.

3. Maitai Valley Trail:
Now open all the way up to the Arboretum!  It is single lane for the narrow stretch between Almond Tree Flat and the Golf Course due to a washout. This means Golf Course Road is now open also.
4. Matai Hub:
As the August weather event damaged infrastructure including bridges, tracks and the pump track at the Maitai Hub, Nelson City Council is working first on a temporary option to connect the trails to the Hub.  A temporary scaffolding bridge will be erected to connect the Golf Course to the Golf Club rooms and Hub carpark.  Planning is underway to determine options to rebuild the pump track, but it will be next year before any plans are finalised. Watch this space!
5. Maitai Face Trails
Permission has been given to clear some of the trails in this area.  If you are keen to do some trail mahi, please contact
6. Sharlands Trails – SHORT OPENING!
The Sharlands Forest remains strictly out of bounds for all recreation.
In the meantime, we are in the process of assessing the damage from the August weather event, and provided we can get them ready, the Sharlands Trails will open between 24 December – 3 January!  Yeow!  Sadly they will close again until 31 January at the earliest due to delayed harvesting, but at least Christmas has just got better in Nelson!
7. On the long list for repair:
Due to NCC contractors being directed to prioritise private land repair, the following trails will not be repaired until at least next year:
  • Hulkn’Hogan
  • Koata Whetu.
8. Currently under contract for repair:
  • Turners (due to be completed this week)
  • Koata Rere (due to start next week)
  • Te Ara Kopiko (due to start in two weeks)

9. Trails needing volunteer mahi:

  • Maitai Face
  • Fringed Downhill re-route
  • Sharlands Trails (when access given)

If you are able to help with this work, please email us:

We need your support!  If you can contribute to our Flood Recovery Fund, please hit the button below to donate!

Please continue to check Trailforks or the Membership App for updates and be guided by what is open and closed by following signage and tape. 

Never remove tape.  It will be there for a reason. 

Thanks for your patience!