TRAIL UPDATE – 6 September
Two weeks on and we are inching forward.  Some areas are still a total “no-go” while the land remains unstable, but by the weekend we are hopeful much more will be open.
Please continue be patient and adhere to any signage and taping.  There will be big repercussions for all of us if you don’t, so be a legend, not a loser.

Areas Outside Nelson City to Ride

  • The Wairoa Gorge is open and the trails are groomed! Book here.
  • Silvan Forest MTB Park – open
  • Cable Bay Adventure Park – open
  • Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park – open


Check Trailforks or the Membership App for updates

Trails Open:
  • Coppermine – Brook Street to Tantragee Road ONLY.  There is no access beyond the Water Treatment Plant as machinery is operating.
  • [NEW] Tu Meke – wahoo – go for a blat!
  • Lower Firball (below Jack’s Hub only)
  • Lower Crazy Horse (below Jack’s Hub only)
  • Young Codgers
  • Saddle Road.
Trails Closed:
Everything else in Codgers remains closed but work is underway on getting up to Middle Road.
Closed. Heavy machinery operating on roads. This remains a no-go area.
We still do not have access to the Codgers/Maitai trails yet.  Tasman Pine Forests Ltd are continuing work on some of the access roads.



Work is underway on the Coppermine up to Bullock Spur.  Once this is clear, the top sections of Te Ara Koa, Butters and Fringed Hill can open.  Fingers crossed this can happen soon!

Currently there is no way to exit these trails.

Closed – no go area.
All recreation access STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Harvesting operations, major flooding and slipping.
[NEW] Involution (NB: access is limited to riding up this trail as harvesting and repair works are happening on Glider Road . Remember it is a two-way trail, so take extreme care both ways.)  This is a great trail to stretch your legs if you are up for the climbing challenge!
  • Glider Road
  • Piwakawaka
  • Barnicoat Walkway / Firebreak
All trails closed.  Click here for a map showing the status of recreational areas.  The mountain bike trails are not shown as they are all closed.
Tasman District Council hope to provide an update on Friday.