TRAIL UPDATE – 14 October
Highlights for the weekend include the opening of:
  • Tasman Journeys (wahoo – you can now climb directly up Codgers!)
  • Top Dog (thanks to the Trails Saints and their apprentices who did a working bee this morning)
  • Lower DiVAS (exit around the slip at the bottom)
  • Take Me to Your Leader  (please note you can’t exit via Golf Course Road as the Maitai Valley Trail is closed by the Golf Course)
  • Firball Dropout
  • Waynes Passage
For the Codgers and Codgers/Maitai areas we are now at the point of just listing the trails that are closed – yeow!

Please continue to check Trailforks or the Membership App for updates and be guided by what is open and closed by following signage and tape. 

Thanks and enjoy!

All trails in this area are open except the trails listed below. 

Trails Closed:

  • Hulk n’ Hogan
  • Koata Whetu


All trails in this area are open except the trails listed below. 

Trails Closed:

  • Turners
  • Koata Rere
  • Te Ara Kopiko
  • Golf Course Road (there is no exit as the  Maitai Valley trail is closed through this section)

Unfortunately we are still a wee way from opening the classic trials like 629 and Peaking Ridge.  But Christmas is coming…..

Trails Open:

  • Butters (full)
  • Te Ara Koa (full)
  • Upper Fringed Hill Downhill
  • The Classic from the Coppermine up to the Fringed Hill Downhill skid.

Trails Closed:

All trails from the summit of Fringed Hill heading towards the Maitai Valley remain closed.  This is due to the Maitai Valley Road being closed between Two Arrows Archery and the Matai Dam, and so there is no way to exit these trails.  We are working with NCC to try and get the road open during weekends for recreational access.

UPDATE: Expected opening of Maitai Road is END OF NOVEMBER.

Closed – no go area.
All recreation access STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Harvesting operations, major flooding and slipping.
UPDATE: We were granted permission to assess the Maitai Face trails and hope to start working bees on these trails in the next week! There are quite a few slips in the lower sections, but all can be fixed with volunteer mahi!

Other areas that are open to ride (geez we’re spoilt!):

  • The Gorge
  • Cable Bay Adventure Park
  • Silvan Forest
  • Kaiteriteri
  • Marsden Valley
  • Richmond Hills