TRAIL UPDATE – 10 October
After a super rewarding Specialized Dig day, plus more hard work from NCC and volunteers on other trails, the following trails are now open:
  • Firball – full trail
  • Hotbox – all the way to the Maitai Valley
  • Te Ara Koa – all the way to Brook St
  • Butters – all the way to Brook St.

Please continue to check Trailforks or the Membership App for updates and be guided by what is open and closed by following signage and tape. 

Thanks and enjoy!

Trails Open:

NB: the best way to climb to Middle Road is via Pipeline. 

  • IV Line
  • Pipeline
  • Gully
  • Coppermine – Brook Street to Four Corners ONLY.
  • Tu Meke
  • Firball (full)
  • Crazy Horse
  • Young Codgers
  • Saddle Road
  • Jacks Track to Middle Road
  • Whaneke (closed from 7am – 3.30pm weekdays)
  • P51

Trails Closed:

  • Hulk n’ Hogan
  • Wayne’s Passage
  • Firball Dropout
  • Koata Whetu
  • Tasman Journeys (coming soon!)


Trails Open:

  • Firball Climb
  • Koata Marama
  • Koata Whenua (NB: The Maitai Walkway is open from Sunday Hole to Koata Whenua, but is closed beyond that to Groom Creek Road)
  • Beer Bottle
  • Upper DiVAS (to Fireball Road)
  • Hotbox (full)
  • Smasher
  • Lollipop

Roads Open:

  • Groom Creek Road
  • Fireball Road
  • Middle Road 


  • Turners
  • Koata Rere
  • Te Ara Kopiko
  • Lower DiVAs
  • Top Dog
  • Take Me to Your Leader
  • Golf Course Road (there is no exit as the  Maitai Valley trail is closed through this section)

Trails Open:

  • Butters (full)
  • Te Ara Koa (full)
  • Upper Fringed Hill Downhill
  • The Classic from the Coppermine up to the Fringed Hill Downhill skid.


Trails Closed:

All trails from the summit of Fringed Hill heading towards the Maitai Valley remain closed.  This is due to the Maitai Valley Road being closed between Two Arrows Archery and the Matai Dam, and so there is no way to exit these trails.  We are working with NCC to try and get the road open during weekends for recreational access.

No change since 17 Sept update
Closed – no go area.
All recreation access STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Harvesting operations, major flooding and slipping.

No change since 17 September update.




  • At the bottom of Involution the stream crossing has blown out. To fix will require large boulders to be moved are to create a safer stream crossing path . The entry into the stream is now very steep and unexpected. You may need to dismount at this point until the works can be undertaken.
  • Access is limited to riding up this trail as harvesting and repair works are happening on Glider Road. Remember it is a two-way trail, so take extreme care both ways.) 
  • Alternatively, you may wish to get to Involution via the Barnicoat Ridgeline trail from Silvan Forest which is a bit more of an adventure! 


  • Glider Road
  • Piwakawaka
  • Barnicoat Walkway / Firebreak

No further update since 17 September.


Thanks to a working bee last weekend, the following trails are now open:

  • Escalator
  • Hang ten
  • Slippery Rail
  • Berm Monster
  • Ejector


Lodestone gully area remains closed as does the connection with Sylvan Forest via Oliver road.

Other areas that are open to ride (geez we’re spoilt!):

  • The Gorge
  • Cable Bay Adventure Park
  • Silvan Forest
  • Kaiteriteri