29 July 2021

PF Olsen forestry harvesting on NCC land now includes operations that will close Fringed Hill Road for seven days. PLEASE OBEY ALL SIGNAGE.  A rider who ignored signage was almost hit by a fully loaded logging truck. If you are caught in areas where you shouldn’t, your membership will be revoked, but if you use your common sense and respect, peace and happiness will prevail!

The following trails remain closed:

-Top Dog
-Beer Bottle
-Take me To Your Leader
-Smasher (and Smasher link trail)
-Fireball road
-Te Ara Kopiko
-Golf Course Road
-Groom Creek Road
-Fringed Hill Road
-Tantragee Walkway
-Coppermine from Tantragee to Four Corners

The Maitai Valley Walkway/Coppermine behind the Golf Course is now open again after trees have been cleared.