Te Ara Rere o Koata – Photo Credit Sven Martin

After patiently watching this exciting trail being constructed and for the weather to play the game, Ngāti Koata kaumātua have blessed this trail and it is ready to ride.

Tiaki tangata, tiaki taiao, tiaki taonga.

Te Ara Rere O Koata (‘Koata Rere‘ for short) is a jump/flow trail that runs from the bottom of Turners down to the Golf Course. Constructed by Queenstown company, Elevate Trail Building, it is the first of its type for Nelson offering jumps, berms and endless fun!

As this trail is different to most other trails in Nelson, we highly recommend the following:

Pre – Ride: Roll the trail first to familiarise yourself with all the jumps and features.

Re – Ride: Re-ride the trail to get comfortable with all the jumps and features.

Free – Ride: When you feel like you are comfortable to send it – FREE-RIDE!

Te Ara Rere o Koata means ‘the flight path of Koata’.  To help you pronounce the name like a pro, we have included two sound clips recorded by Ngati Koata Cultural Manager, Shep to help you.  NMTBC feels privileged to have access to Ngāti Koata land and to be able to continue building amazing trails for mountain bikers.

Short Version – Te Ara Rere o Koata

Full Version – Te Ara Rere o Koata