Women's Intro to Wairoa Gorge

18 March 2018


A private women’s only day at Wairoa Gorge, to introduce the amazing trails and experience on offer, without the time schedule or potential pressure of a ‘normal’ shuttle day. 

We have space for 18 women for the day which will split into two groups of 9, each group supervised by two people one of which will have PHEC first aid training. All participants will ride two half runs and a full run in the morning session then the same or maybe two full runs in the afternoon depending on how everyone is feeling! The runs will be on pre-decided trails graded WGBP 2/3. We will ride to our own more relaxed shuttle schedule and have an hour for lunch. 

The price is $120 per person, we need to be at Wairoa Gorge for 8.30am and will leave between 3.30/4pm. We will try to arrange a car pooling situation so people can travel together or potentially a shuttle transfer from Nelson. 

The Wairoa Gorge trails are amazing and can be challenging.  We will organise some pre rides around Nelson, so we can ride as a group and maybe try tracks that you haven’t done before, to help with your Gorge experience. We recommend you have a go at Top dog, Involution and Lower Te Ara Koa.

Details in a nutshell

Cost: $120 per person

Register: online

Time: 8.30am - 4pm

Participant Limit: 18

Bring: Lunch, knee pads, gloves, helmet (full face not essential but recommended), super fun attitude.

Register HERE