1 October 2017

The women's event that men love too!  All you need is a frock to rock! 

Froctober is another chance to get shredding Nelson ladies out on the race track having fun and ripping it up Super D style.  Time to pull out the sequins, tule, frills and florals, find yourself a frock to wear on race day.  

Frocks (or skirts) are compulsory for racing, and if you have a partner, husband, or mate of the male kind who is manly enough to wear a dress, they too can join in the racing, as long as they follow the dress code! 
Cash prize for best dressed woman and 'drag' racer.  This race is all about having a good time and getting back out on the bike ready for summer shredding.  Get a group of ladies together and come along for a great day out!!
Here's the vital details:
Date: 1st October 2017
Venue: Redwoods, Brook Street 
Parking: In the paddock at the bottom of the Fringed Downhill, Brook Street. 
Registration:  At top skid site above the Redwoods - 11am
Practice Runs: 
Briefing: 12.20pm at top skid site
Racing:  from 12.30pm
Cost: $10 for club members, $15 for non members.
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Some of it is pretty....

Froctober pretty

Some of it is... well, you decide...

Froctober really not pretty