Update to Trail Closures 28 Sep - 9 Oct

Posted by Belinda Crisp on October 1, 2020 at 9:28 AM

Full NCC Media Release - read here

Extract from NCC Media Release:

The following popular mountain biking tracks in the Maitai water reserve will no longer be part of the pest control area, so will remain open throughout the school holidays.

  • 660
  • Fire break
  • Smiths Ford
  • Bob Taylor Road
  • Crankenstein
  • Mutleys
  • Black Diamond
  • Sunrise Ridge

The Coppermine Trail closure will be limited to five days, split across two weeks to allow access in the middle weekend of the school holidays. The track will be closed to the public on 1-2 October, reopened on the weekend, and closed again from 5 - 7 October.
All other tracks in the Maitai water reserve will be closed from 1 – 9 October. This area includes the Maitai Caves track and the Peaking Ridge MTB track.