Spring Trail Update

Posted by Paul Jennings on September 17, 2017 at 5:01:16 PM

There is so much trail work going on right now it's understandably hard to keep up with it. So - we figured it was time for an update so you know what's open, what's being worked on, and when closed trails will be re-opened. Here we go:

Codgers - NCC side:

The harvest operation has finished and we've been in with NCC to assess the damage and what needs to be done to get that area back up and running. To be honest, things are a bit worse than we thought they might be - so we are now focusing on a rebuild of some trails rather than a reinstatement. The plan is to have everything sorted and open before December.

Open now:

Dun Mountain Trail through Codgers from Brook Street
Crazy Horse (full)
Hulk N Hogan
Viral Flow
Fireball Road (from Tantragee Saddle to the top of Turners)
IV Line
Middle Road (Turners skid to P51)
Lower Firball (from around Crazy Horse and down)
Firball climbing track (from Turners skid)


Firball upper and middle (this is written off and will need completely rebuilding - Firball as we knew it is no more)
P51 (due to be upgraded before December)
Jack's Track (this just needs some rebuild work and we'd like to sort out the steep pinches)
Jack's Track from Atmore Terrace

Being worked on:

A new grade 2 trail running from the top of Gully down to Andrew's Field

Codgers - Tasman Pine side:

Open now:

Top Dog
Golf Course Rd
Take Me 2 Your Leader

Being worked on:

A new grade 5 trail (similar to HotBox) that drops down next to HotBox
A new climbing trail from the bottom of HotBox/Smasher back up to the top of that face (to save going up Golf Course Rd)
A climbing trail that extends TM2YL to the top of HotBox/Lollipop


Everything in Sharlands is open and running
Chings Highway rebuild has been signed off and work is scheduled in for this year
R&R won't be getting rebuilt for a while
There has been a re-route of the finish of Maitai Face/Loam Ranger
There is a new exit for Mr Chomper being worked on

629/Peaking area:

There is still no access to 629/Peaking from the Maitai Dam side. We are working with NCC and the forestry company to ensure this will be sorted in time for the Mammoth Enduro (November 2017). The only access to this area is via Dun Mountain Trail or Fringed Hill.

Black Diamond is open
Sunrise Ridge is open
Crankenstein is open
629 is open

Fringed Hill:

This magnificent super trail is nearly ready. It will be close to 5km long, drop 750m and runs through beautiful native bush. It is nationally significant. It's been many years from initial concept to this stage but it's going to be worth it. 

We are having a massive working bee on Sunday 24 September to finish it off. Everyone is encouraged to come along and lend a hand - we need as much help as we can get. Once complete we will work with NCC and Ngati Koata on an official opening celebration.

Wairoa Gorge: 

All open and running perfectly - it's amazing up there in summer, but is also one of the best places to ride in winter. If you haven't been yet do yourself a favour and go for a play. 

Richmond Hills:

All good. Just be considerate if it's been raining hard, the area doesn't drain as well as some and a bit of trail respect goes a long way.

That's it for now. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates and once we have more info on the Codgers rebuild we'll let you know.