Mobile Phone signal mapping

Posted by Paul Jennings on August 20, 2018 at 12:31 PM

We need your help! 

We are putting together a mobile phone signal coverage map for the Nelson trails area: to be used in emergencies when calling for help, if you are in trouble when out on the hill. This is just the kind of thing that you think you’ll never need….until that day comes when you do need it, and it might even help to save your life or that of your buddy!

You can help by simply reporting back to us the mobile signal you can get on your own phone at various points around our trail network, when you are next out on your ride. Alistair Jamieson is going to pull it all together into something we can all use, and when it's done we’ll be sending it back out to you in a visual /map format to use whenever you need it.

Here’s what to do:

1) Check your phone for a mobile signal whenever you stop at an obvious point, clearing, or intersection along a trail (or also at any major access road/track). Trig points, viewpoints, carparks etc are all useful.

2) Note your location: If it's at a trailhead or at the very end of a marked trail, the name of the trail is enough for us to locate where you are, from our own map. Anywhere else, a decent description of the location should also be enough…..but:

3) Ideally, you will also specify your exact location via the GPS on the Pinkbike Trailforks App. This is found on the Trailforks App, in the settings menu, then “emergency info” red button.  It will give you your specific latitude and longitude.

4) Report back to us in the following format:
- Location (Description and/or Lat/Long as above)
- Mobile Signal or not? (state SIGNAL, or NO SIGNAL)
- Your Mobile Network Provider (eg Vodafone)

If you are in rather an obscure location but you feel its a useful or relevant point to track, you could always take a screenshot of your exact location overlayed on the Trailforks app, and email it through to us.

5) Send the info back to us either as:
- A facebook message to @Alistair Jamieson
- A Text Message to Alistair on 0210 841 4179
- An email to

It's probably best to send it through as one location per message.  But if you collect a whole load then feel free to just send them all through in one go if you like.

Note that it doesn’t matter if we double up on the same locations - the more data points we have, the more reliable the final coverage map will be.
Thanks in advance for your help.