Logging in Codgers - big changes

Posted by Paul Jennings on 5 July 2017

A bit of the old 'Bad News/Good News' here. And there will be some short-term pain, but some long term gain. 

There is Douglas Fir in Codgers that needs to be taken out - and now (July/August) is the best time to get rid of it for a number of reasons. The bad news is that the top and middle of Firball will be flattened, and there will likely be impact on lower Hulk N Hogan. 

Access to most of the Nelson City Council side of Codgers will be severely limited (and mostly out of bounds) during the operation. So there's going to be very limited riding in Codgers. Luckily we have Sharlands to play in and can also access the Tasman Pine managed areas of Codgers (the Maitai Valley side).

More info to come on closure dates and details as we get them - but we strongly suggest you go and have a play of Firball over the next few weeks to say good-bye to one of Nelson's most iconic, and highly used trails.

And the good news? NCC has confirmed that it will work with NMTBC to get the Codgers network reinstated asap post harvest and we get to redesign and rebuild Firball as a priority. So, we can all look forward to some new trails to ride over the summer. The area will not be re-planted in harvest pine either but a long term solution, so what we build now will last for many years to come.

Here is the official NCC release:

Logging scheduled in Brook/Codgers area
5 July 2017

A number of mountain bike tracks are to be closed as logging work begins in the Brook.

A section of Douglas Fir trees are to be harvested just north of the Codger’s Tracks area, with work commencing on July 17.

The trees need to be removed in order to minimise the impact of wilding pines, and any further delay would have a detrimental impact on the environment.

A number of alternative options were investigated but the safest and only viable option for this block, to fulfil Council’s resolution to get rid of Douglas Fir and Acacia, is to harvest.

The work is being carried out by PF Olsen now to ensure the tracks will be ready and available for use during the busy summer season.

Another reason for the immediacy of the work is because there is likely to be a shortage of logging crews in the coming months.

Nelson City Council has been working closely with the Nelson Mountain Bike Club committee to determine the best solution and timing for this project, and appreciates their input and support.

Council has pledged to reinstate any affected tracks after all the logging work is complete.

The logging work itself is expected to take six weeks, so it is hoped the reinstatement will be finished by October, although this is dependent on how much work is required.

Nelson Mountain Bike Club’s spokesman, Paul Jennings, says “Whilst this work is of course not ideal, we appreciate the amount of thought and effort that Council has put in to ensuring the impact on our members is minimised.
“We very much hope, by doing the work now, all our tracks will be open and ready in time for the summer.”

Chair of the Works and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Stuart Walker, says “Council really appreciates the public’s help and co-operation and we hope to have the work completed as quickly as possible.

“We have worked very hard to find the best way forward to suit everyone, and I’d like to thank the Nelson Mountain Bike Club for their input and advice.”

Harvesting could affect some popular recreational tracks, either with temporary closures or detours being put in place.

Logging trucks will follow two routes from the Maitai down to Nile Street – one along Collingwood Street and then Halifax Street; the other will follow Tory Street, Hardy Street and Milton Street.

No trucks will operate between 10pm and 6am but local residents and road users are being advised to take extra care.

Track users are being asked to keep an eye on the Council website or Facebook page for more information.


Contact: Media@ncc.govt.nz


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