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Posted by Brent Goddard on September 3, 2019 at 2:00:00 PM



The start of September brings the promise of warmer and longer days, perfect for getting in more riding in the afternoons!!  August gave us the DH series which took in a new venue and saw a lot of stoked downhillers turning up to tackle the wet conditions.  Congratulations to all riders and those taking out the overall placings for the series.

September also brings the return of the annual Shred Like a Girl Enduro, stepping it up this year with a three or five stage option for the ladies. Head along on the 7th to cheer the racers along or get yourself registered to race.

We have several closures and restricted areas in the coming weeks, please make sure that you are up to date with closures by checking the NMTBC website for updates and keep out of these areas.

Happy riding to everyone and see you out on the trails!

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It’s back with a new format! The annual Central Crank Family Relay, described as 'the most fun for the whole family on two wheels' this year includes a mega bike sale.
Organiser Janja Heathfield says the entire Central School and part of St Joseph’s will be turned into a ‘super fun’ mini mountain bike course for teams to ride as many laps as they wish over two hours.

“It’s huge fun for the kids to speed around their school and even ride through the corridors,” she said. “That said, it’s not just a Central School event – we welcome all kids and families to come along whether they’re cruisers or crankers.  They can enter as a family, as a school team or as a bunch of mates.”

The school grounds are being set up with burns, ramps and spirals and this year the circuit will include  the new pump track at the back of St Joseph’s as part of the course. There are prizes for best overall team in each category, loads of crazy spot prizes and a prize for best dressed. These’s also an interactive event village with lots to do while you wait for your lap, including heaps of delicious snacks.

In association with the Nelson Mountain Bike Club this year the Central Crank will stage Nelson’s first second hand bike, parts & accessories sale.
“It will be run along the same lines as long-running ski sale at Hampden Street School and will be a one stop shop for all of those bikes, parts, accessories and clothing that are clogging up your garage and you haven’t got around to selling,” Janja said. “Kids can go through a fair few bikes as they grow up and it’s a chance for families to offload, to score a bargain, and the recycling aspect fits in with our Enviro Schools’ aims.”

See Events below for all the details. 
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TRAILS UPDATE  by Andrew Higginbottom


We use Trailforks as our communication platform for trail maintenance. Please report any issues you see out on the trails on Trailforks to let us know. You can see a list of Nelson trails and their status by clicking through to the area you're interested in from our trails page at

Closed Trails
  • Sharlands/Codgers/Maitai: Shred Like A Girl Enduro (Sat 7 September, 8:30am to 2pm) What the Doc Ordered, Keyboard Warrior, Mr Chomper, Hulk N Hogan, P51.
  • Codgers trails as per last year, a round robin of trail closures from P51, Firball and Crazy Horse. Please observe signs and stay away from Codgers when wet or just after rain.

Re-opened Trails 
  • Firball (Codgers): Top to Bottom
  • Silvan Forest: Peoples Choice

Trail Maintenance/Alerts 
  • Lancewood Waggles (Sharlands): Windfall branches (reported 23 Aug)
  • Ground Effect Slingshot (Sharlands): Blackberries (reported 23 Aug)
  • Te Ara Kōpiko (Codgers - Maitai): Slip across the whole track on the lower section. Impassable. (reported 24 Aug)
  • Black Diamond deviation: Need volunteers (see below).
  • Maitai and Roding Conservation reserves closed for Goat Cull 8th Sept - 23rd Sept (click here)
  • Fringed Hill/Maitai Vally Closure 26th Aug - 20th Dec (click here)

Good Trails For Winter
Trails to Avoid In Winter
  • Codgers: Please avoid Codgers when wet or just after rain as winter weather makes these trails very susceptible to damage.  Thank you

Volunteers needed 
  • Please fill out this form if you can help with:
  • Black Diamond re-route: Track building work.
  • Tree planting: Projects in Aug/Sept, dates TBC.


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EVENT NEWS by Paul McNabb

The results from the downhill series are summarised below along with a huge list of upcoming events, so no shortage of things to do on a mountain bike between now and Christmas. Please support these events as much as you can.

Downhill Club Winter Series

DH series results can be found at
The overall series winners were:  

  • Shannon Hewetson,
  • Graham King,
  • Tristan Leov,
  • Louise Kelly,
  • Aidan Limmer,
  • Jude Malham,
  • Oli Clark,
  • Awen Lloyd,
  • Seth Buckley,
  • Bryce Walker,
  • Jamie Bartlett,
  • Rebecca Hufflett.

Congratulations to all competitors!

7th September: Shred Like A Girl

Into its fourth year, Shred Like a Girl Enduro is back for 2019. This year we will be giving riders the choice of three or five stages of racing. The five-stage option will have a shuttle included and all riders will get a BBQ lunch to finish the day. Head to for all the details. 

22nd September:  Mega Bike Sale,

  • Central School, Nile Street, Nelson
  • Drop off for sellers is on, Sunday Sept. 22nd between 8am -10am at the library around the back of the main school building.
  • Sale hours:  11 – 1.30 (Sharp)
  • Pick up unsold gear for sellers is on Sunday Sept 22nd between 1.30pm - 2.30pm after the event at NCS library.
  • No helmets or rusty old beat up gear (we don’t want rubbish). Clothing is wanted.

22nd September: Central Crank Family Relay 

The most fun day, on two wheels, for the whole family!  We turn the entire school and a little bit of St Joseph’s into a super fun mini mountain bike course. There’s something for all ages and stages. Each time a member of your team does a lap they get their team card clipped. The team with the most laps at the end wins. 

Enter as a family, as a team representing your school or even as a bunch of mates. Prizes for best overall team in each category and loads of crazy spot prizes like best team name. Dress ups are thoroughly encouraged and there will be a prize for best dressed. At the same time the school and Nelson Mountain Bike Club will have Nelson’s first second hand bike, parts & accessories sale. A great time to sell those bike bits that are clogging up your garage plus you might score a bargain to boot!

26-28 October: The Aorere Enduro (

This is going to be a highlight of the club's event calendar this year.  As well as the locals we will have competitors from the UK, USA, Thailand and Australia.  With five stages practiced and raced over three days, the event will be a great one to be part of. 

A spectator map will be available to direct you in the best place to watch the riders test their skills.  There will also be a Specialized Fan Zone set up on Day 2, plus activities at the Maitai Cricket Ground (event village) on Day 3.  Come and be part of it!

10th November: The XCO spring series 

Start you training now and get ready to race 10 November. We will have World Cup style lap courses with ½ points for the timed descent sections.  We are expecting even bigger turnouts this year, with more sponsors, spot prizes and your chance to get your name on a coveted NMTBC XCO age group trophy for 2019. Keep an eye on the club website and facebook updates for registration and course details.
Calendar of events

Keep an eye on our event calendar, we hope to have this up to date over the next month with all MTB events in the Nelson/Tasman region.

The following calendar of events is based on local events I know of and some selected South Island events, a useful calendar can be found at Please email me if you wish to add your event (

Date Event type Location Organiser
7-Sep Enduro Shred like a Girl NMTBC
22-Sep Family Fun/Sale Central School  Central School, NMTBC
5-Oct XCO/DH Dunedin Secondary School Nationals
17-Oct Super D Nelson NMTBC
26-Oct Enduro Aorere Enduro NMTBC
31-Oct Super D Nelson NMTBC
10-Nov XCO Nelson NMTBC
14-Nov Super D Nelson NMTBC
16-Nov Marathon West Coast Ride the Wilderness
28-Nov Super D Nelson NMTBC
24-Nov XCO Nelson NMTBC
30-Nov Enduro Dunedin Three peaks
1-Dec XCO Nelson NMTBC
1-Dec Marathon Queenstown The Pioneer
14-Mar Marathon Queenstown Motatapu
5-Apr Kids Enduro Nelson NMTBC
18-Apr XC 6 hr Kaiteriteri KMBP
19-Apr Enduro Kaiteriteri KMBP
19-Apr Slopestyle Kaiteriteri KMBP




As we are all aware, mountain biking comes with an inherent level of risk.  High speed, tight corners, big drops -  it’s why a lot of us are drawn to the sport. So it is likely that you or someone you are riding with, will come a cropper sooner or later.
For the most part, this will be no more than a few scratches and a good story over a post-ride beer, but in the unlikely event of something more serious, here are ten basic safety tips.  

  •  Carry a survival blanket, especially in the shoulder seasons and winter. These pack down to almost nothing and will be invaluable to a rider in shock who may have to wait a long time to get out of the bush.   


  • Consider carrying a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) especially if you are riding backcountry with no reception.


  • Its always more fun with two or three or four.  Ride with a mate when you can, seems obvious but having someone there to call for help and look after an injured rider makes a huge difference.


  • If you do ride on your own in the backcountry consider something like the Garmin Inreach.  This will act like a PLB, but has additional features to allow you to send and receive SMS, and has tracking options so your loved ones can locate you via their phone or computer. It does require a monthly subscription ($20 per month).


  • Install the Trailforks app on your phone, in the app menu it has a big red button with “Emergency Info”.  This will give you your current GPS location, let you share that location and call 111.  Again this saves time when you are talking to emergency services.  If you have to ride out to get reception to make a call, make sure to screenshot the injured rider’s GPS location before you leave. 


  • If you have room in your bag carry a First Aid Kit so you can help minimise any bleeding from nasty gashes. 


  • Wear an ID bracelet, especially if you have any medical conditions.  There are now apps for your phone eg Medical ID,  which allow someone else to access your relevant medical info and emergency contacts from the lock screen. 


  • If you ride alone and don't carry a PLB then tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to be back.  No one wants to spend the night on the trail with a broken limb hoping to be found. 


  • Consider doing a first aid course, this will help you triage injured riders and give you the basics before the cavalry arrives. 


  • Never move a rider if they are complaining of severe neck or back pain. Make them as comfortable as possible in the position that you find them, reduce any risk around them ie danger from other riders coming down the trail. And wait until the Emergency Services arrive.  

Hopefully, most of you are doing these things already but it's a good idea to keep them front of mind. Remember injuries happen its part of the sport, try and be prepared when they do, and stay safe on the trails :)