Fringed Hill Trail - Update

Posted by Paul Jennings on 13 August 2017

Fringed Hill trail update.

The new trail from the top of Fringed Hill to Brook Street is coming along really well, with several crews chipping away and doing a fantastic job. But, it's not finished yet.
This trail is a monster - dropping over 700 vertical metres, most of it through native forest, and being a grade 3/4 it's taking quite a long time to construct. But it will be worth it.
We ask that people keep off the sections above the Dun Mountain Trail for a bit longer. As the trail work has moved down the hill it's become more obvious and we've had more riders heading up for a nosey around.
Because the trail isn't finished the grading isn't consistent yet, there are sections that need to settle in and digging crews are still active. As soon as it's ready we'll let everyone know, have an official opening then you can ride it as many times as your body can handle (we're all going to get fit riding up Fringed Hill this summer!).
Thanks for your patience and understanding.