Fire Risk - trails closed

Posted by Paul Jennings on January 28, 2019 at 1:46 PM

Forest Closure - fire risk

Last updated 1:00pm 28 January.

Hi everyone - well, we knew this was coming. Effective from 28 January 2019 all Tasman Pine Forests areas will be closed to recreation users. This is for our own safety. The fire risk is super high and it's a fair call from Tasman Pine. We'll let you know when it changes and access is open again.

Trails/areas closed include (plus any others where signs are in place):

Everything in Sharlands (no matter what entrance you use)
Hot Box
Golf Course Road
Top Dog
Take Me 2 Your Leader
Fireball Road (from Tantragee Saddle to Turners Skid)
Fringed Hill Road (Tantragee Saddle to Fringed Summit)
Groom Creek Road (Maitai Campground to Tantragee Saddle past the ponds)
The Arboretum area (Maitai up to the ponds)
The Grampians

Kingsland Forest and all TDC trails are closed too.

Trail areas still open:

Everything else in Codgers
Te Ara Koa - BUT you must access via the Classic 4WD track off the Dun Mountain Trail and stop at Fringed DH skid
Fringed DH - access only as above
Black Diamond Ridge - BUT only from the Dun Mountain Trail end (not from Fringed Hill)
Sunrise Ridge - as above, only via Black Diamond from DMT or from the 629 end
Peaking Ridge

Wairoa Gorge is still open at this stage.

Please do not go into closed areas/trails, and if you see anyone else going in please have a word. We have a fantastic relationship with Ngāti Koata and Tasman Pine Forests that we want to maintain. Checks are active and if you are caught it won't be fun, but the main point is it's dangerous and we want to help keep you alive.

Please pass this information on. When we have more news we'll let you know.