Fire risk trail closures

Posted by Paul Jennings on December 19, 2017 at 5:22:17 PM

Last updated - 1.30pm 21 December 2017

We are experiencing really dry and hot weather (no surprises there) and the fire risk in the forest is really high. For everyone's safety the forest managers have closed certain forest areas and the trails in them to all users, including mountain bikers. Please do not ride in closed areas, for any reason.

The good news is that NCC and AFM/Tasman Pine have managed to find a way to leave some trails open - though we all need to be vigilant to ensure this access continues. Use common sense - no smoking, report any smoke/fire you see, follow all signs. Here's the deal:


Sharlands and upper Maitai- all trails
The Grampians - all trails
Kingsland Forest - Richmond hills - all trails
Kaka hill - all trails
Central Road - all trails
Linton Hill
Duck pond
Slaters road.

This includes the public easement areas and effectively prevents access to Linton Hill and the Doubles track and all mountain bike trails to the north-east of the Maitai.

Fringed Hill Road- access to Te Ara Koa and Black Diamond Ridge is only via the Dun Mountain Trail to 'Four Corners' then left up the 'classic'.

Signage has been posted at main entrance points of the forest and patrols are taking place.

We've also heard that Silvan Forest is shut.


The following areas for foot and bicycle access only- riders must have a valid permit;

Groom Creek road
Tantragee Saddle

Fireball Road
IV line
Top Dog

The trails on the NCC side of Codgers are also still open:

Te Ara Koa
Jack's Track

Dun Mountain Trail
Tu Meke
Hulk N Hogan

Tasman Journey
Crazy Horse
Viral Flow

The trails in the 629 area are still open (Sunrise Ridge, Black Diamond Ridge, Krankenstein, Peaking Ridge, 629, Dew Lakes)

Wairoa Gorge Bike Park - 100% open

NCC is installing signs on its open areas to warn public of the high fire danger and to avoid the area during the middle of the day. These signs will be installed at Groom Creek and Tantragee saddle.

More info as we get it - we'll keep this page updated. Please pass the message around.