Discounted 2017 membership

Posted by Paul Jennings on October 16, 2017 at 8:50:18 PM

We have reduced the price of all NMTBC memberships (individual, family, and junior) for the rest of 2017.

Because our membership runs from 1 January - 31 December each year to match up with the Tasman Pine Forest permits we appreciate that joining the club at this time of the year offers less of a return than if you'd joined in January or February. To help keep people motivated to join we've reduced membership for the rest of 2017 to:

  • Standard Membership  $30 for the rest of 2017
  • Family Membership      $50 for the rest of 2017
  • Junior Membership      $20 for the rest of 2017

You still get a Tasman Pine Forest access permit, you still get access to all our Member Offers, you still get to enter our races at a discount price, we still use your membership money to build and maintain over 100km of some of the best trails in the World.

If you haven't joined for 2017 yet (and 2800 of you have - which is brilliant) then join up today and help us keep doing what we do on behalf of everyone. 

Just click here to join.