2018-2028 NCC Long Term Plan

Posted by Paul Jennings on April 19, 2018 at 7:46:58 PM

The Long Term Plan (LTP) is the document each council prepares that details what they will do over the next 10 years, and how they will pay for it. The LTP is re-written every three years, so in effect, it is the master plan for what the Council will do over the next three years. It is the most important single document any council produces - anything not in the LTP will be unlikely to happen over that three year period.

Nelson City Council is working on its 2018-2028 LTP now and has put out a draft for the people of Nelson to comment on (you can read the draft here).

Nelson Mountain Bike Club comments on the LTP on behalf of our members - but it is also really helpful if you make an individual submission as well (it's not as hard work as it might sound - we give you some tips later on). You have until 23 April to have your say.

Here is a summary of what NMTBC included in our submission
(you can read our full submission here):




The key issues identified in the LTP Consultation Document:

The Consultation Document proposes that one of council's priorities for the first three years of the Long Term Plan is mountain biking. 

A particular priority will be ensuring Nelson has enough lower grade mountain biking trails for learner riders and children, and setting up mountain biking hubs.

The first priority was the Andrews Farm project in the Brook Valley that provided car parking for 30 vehicles, toilets, a bike wash-down facility, landscaping and access improvements. This project, due to be completed later in 2018, was 50% funded from a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment contestable grant.

The next priority is the Maitai Recreation Hub that is proposed to be completed by 2021. At this early stage, the project has an estimated cost of $940,000 and we will be seeking external contributions to offset this cost to Council.

A recent report by Business and Economic Research Ltd indicated that the economic benefit of mountain biking is very significant for Nelson, both in terms of dollars into the local economy and job creation. The total annual economic impact for Nelson in 10 years’ time is expected to be $20 million in GDP and an additional 269 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs.

The draft LTP proposes the funding to be allocated as per the following table. There is a clear split between the development of the Maitai hub and developing further mountain bike trails.

There is little detail in the LTP or supporting documentation on what proposed trails will be completed with the proposed funds. From the explanatory notes it is expected that these trails will be for beginners and family riders but it doesn’t note where this might be. It is assumed these will link with the proposed Maitai hub.

NMTBC submits that although mountain bikers are appreciative of this proposed level of funding, NMTBC considers it insufficient to truly support Nelson’s potential as outlined in the Berl 2018 report and will certainly not enable the hosting of an international event in the next three years, which has an estimated value of $3.1million of GDP.

To enable Nelson to meet its true potential it will require more investment in intermediate level (grade 3) trails. Theses trails can then be used by commercial shuttle operators (or a Gondola if ever constructed) which will start to provide income for trail maintenance (through concession fees) and develop the economic multiplier effects as identified in the Berl 2018 report.

These trails will then be sufficient to support the hosting of a world-class mountain bike event such as the EWS. This event has the ability to add $3.1m GDP to the Nelson economy.

NMTBC's submission put simply, is that to realise the value in the Berl 2018 report there needs to be more investment in trail development.

NMTBC submits that funding is proposed to be allocated as in the table below:

NMTBC is requesting for an increased investment of approximately $500,000 for trail development over the first three years of the LTP which from the Berl 2018 report will provide a direct increase in GDP for Nelson city of $6.8 million.

The increase in investment provides for suitable resources (contractors) to construct approximately 8-10km of new trails each year for the first three years. A number of these trails form part of the NMTBC and Councils joint tracks and trails strategy but a review of this strategy is required if it is agreed that some of this funding is to ensure Nelson is capable of hosting an EWS.

NMTBC will match this funding in kind by using its resources to assist in marketing Nelson as a mountain bike destination, construct and improving the higher graded trails (4 and 5) trails, which are the most significant portion of the Nelson mountain bike network and providing staff and structure to support the EWS event.

So - what can you do to help make sure mountain biking gets the funding required to meet its potential?

1. Make an online submission to NCC before 23 April asking for increased financial support for mountain biking over the next three years (click here to make a submission)

2. In your submission you might want to:

  • Say you are a member of Nelson Mountain Bike Club

  • Say that you have read and support our submission

  • Say that you want the council to take an active roll in helping Nelson realise the opportunities set out in the BERL report and allocate sufficient funding

  • Say that you support the building of more grade 3 trails

  • Say that you want the Enduro World Series to come to Nelson and support the activity that will enable that

  • Say that you support the building of the Brook Street and Maitai hubs (as a place to park, start and finish your ride)

Thanks for your help.