Local body elections 2022

Nelson Mountain Bike Club’s Strategic Plan for 2022-2030 states that our core role is to facilitate, advocate, promote and encourage mountain biking. Accordingly, we felt it was part of our role to get an understanding about the candidates who will be elected to make decisions that effect mountain biking. We sent a survey to every candidate asking for their vision on mountain biking, and how they intend to realise their vision. Click on the lists for responses. NB: not all candidates chose to respond.

We trust it will help you form your decision on whom to vote for.

There is a new way of voting this year.  If you are not sure how the new voting system works, take a quick look at this great Nelson City Council clip on how the elections will be decided. The key takeaway we got, is that you do not need to rank all candidates on a list. Only rank the candidates you support.

We encourage all eligible voters to vote!

nelson city council lists

Tasman District Council Lists