Level 3 - what you can ride and how

Wahoo!  Time to get out on our bikes from THURSDAY 2 SEPTEMBER.

Please follow these rules and check what trails are open.  This will be updated over the next few weeks as things change, so please be patient!

The rules (make Nelson proud and do the right thing):

Ride Safe – only ride on familiar trails WITHIN your level of expertise, taking care not to be injured and require medical attention.

Ride Local – only ride trails that are close to you.  According to Sport NZ guidelines, it is ok to travel within your region and across a boundary if it is in your local area, however it is recommended that you do not ride trails that can only be reached by driving.

Ride Solo – or within your bubble.  You must maintain physical distancing (two metres) with people outside your bubble.  There can be no congregating.  You must leave as soon as you have finished your recreation activity.

Trail Status:

The following trails are CLOSED due to forestry harvesting. Please follow any signage.

  • Te Ara Kopiko
  • Groom Creek Road
  • Maitai Valley Walk (Tantragee to Maitai Walkway)
  • Fireball Road from Tantragee to Smasher
  • Turners
  • Top Dog
  • Smasher
  • Lollipop
  • Hotbox
  • DiVAS
  • Firball Climb
  • Waynes Passage
  • Firball (to Firball Dropout)
  • Koata Whetu
  • P51
  • Whaneke
  • Viral Flow
  • IV Line
  • HulknHogan
  • Coppermine from Tantragee to Four Corners
  • ALL Sharlands trails


  • Young Codgers
  • Tasman Journeys
  • Crazy Horse
  • Tu Meke
  • Gully
  • Firball Drop out to Lower Firball
  • Lower Firball
  • Fringed Hill trails – If you are familiar with them, they are local AND they are within your level of expertise
  • Involution
  • Coppermine from Brook Street to Tantragee (it is closed from Tantragee to Four Corners)
  • Coppermine from Four Corners to the Maitai. (To access the Coppermine at Four Corners, you will need to continue up Brook Street from the start of the Coppermine Trail to opposite Olivine Tce where there is a 4WD track alongside the Brook/Waimarama Sanctuary fence line. Follow this to Four Corners, and from there the Coppermine Trail is open through to the Maitai)

Hang in there everyone!  Stay safe and have fun!