Temporary Permits

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  • Two-week Forest Permit $15  

  • No Club Membership Benefits

Important: if you are riding any of the Sharlands/Hira trail networks, Turners, TM2YL, IV Line, Upper Firball, Top Dog, Lollipop, DiVas, Hot Box, Smasher, or any of the trails within the yellow areas marked on the map below, you are required by Tasman Pine Forests Ltd to have a permit. 

The Sharlands network is currently open 24/7 as long as you have a valid permit.

Ngāti Koata and Tasman Pine are massive supporters of the club and mountain biking, the majority of our trails are on their land, and they go out of their way to help us. Part of that relationship is respecting that they have a job to do, and they need to operate in a safe environment.

Permits are included with a full NMTBC membership, or two week temporary permits can be purchased for $15.

Without a permit, you are trespassing and can be prosecuted (which would be bad for you, and for all mountain bikers in Nelson).

Please - do the right thing and only ride these trails if you have a valid Tasman Pine Forests Ltd permit.

Access to these forests may, from time to time, be restricted due to ongoing forestry operations. Please check our facebook page and the Tasman Pine Weekly Operations located on our website for any updates on forestry closures. Please read and follow any signage at forest entrances detailing access conditions. Remember that random checks will be in place so please keep a copy of your permit with you.

NOTE: Paying for full NMTBC membership can easily be recouped and massive local savings obtained. Have a look at our member benefits page for the list of all the discounts available to members. 

For example, 10% simply off bike accessories at some of the local bike shops will more than cover your membership fee! Plus think of the money you will save on a meal and drinks at many of the local pubs and eateries while out and about in Nelson!

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