NMTBC Membership App 2021

In 2021 the Nelson Mountain Club released an App for members.  The App will allow riders to join NMTBC, keep up to date with the latest club news and will eliminate the need for the club to mail over 3000 membership packs, saving time, money and the environment.

The App gives you an individual membership/permit number which replaces your old permit sticker.  This is your proof of membership for riding in permit areas, your number for booking at the Wairoa Gorge and proof of membership to receive membership benefits. 

Please note that the App is a completely separate system to our old membership database so all members will NEED TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

The App is designed to be used on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet but there is also a link below to allow you to join on a computer.

To download the app to an Apple device please follow this link:  Apple App

To download the app to an Android device please follow this link:  Android App

To join the club using a computer please follow this link:  Computer link


Tips for getting started

Once you have successfully downloaded the App to a device or opened the computer friendly link you will first need to create an account.  Once your account is set up select 'BECOME A PAID MEMBER."  There will be four options for becoming a paid member:

  • Adult membership (1 membership for 18yrs and older)
  • Junior membership (1 membership for 17yrs and younger)
  • Family membership (2 Adults and up to 6 juniors)
  • Enter Family Code (to be used by your family members to add the App to their device.  See notes below.)


Family Membership Tips

When joining as a family you will be asked to select the number of family members for your membership and once you have completed the process and paid, you will be given a unique Family Code. 

The Family Code will show on your home page once you have completed your membership.   Your family members will need to create their own account, either on your device (log out and get them to log in again) or download the App to their own device to create their own account.

To add the membership to their device, click on "BECOME A PAID MEMBER" first and then select "Enter a Family Code."  No additional payment will be required.



1. Can I create an account for my children if they don't have an email address?

No unfortunately you cannot.  We suggest using an adults second email address if this is possible or creating an email account for the purpose of setting up the account.  It is possible to create more than one login to the App on a single device.  Just log out and repeat the account set up.


2. I don't have a smart phone, how do I show proof of membership.

If you don't have access to a smart phone, you can use the compute link to create your membership.  Please contact the administration team and we can email your membership/permit to you. 


3. Do I have to take my phone riding with me now to have proof of membership?

We do recommend always riding with a phone but if you don't ride with one we can email you your permit for you to print out and carry with you. 


4. How will I show my membership if required if I don't have credit on my phone or reception?

We suggest taking a screenshot of your home page to show when you don't have reception or credit.  In addition, the App works with no internet connection if it is left open in the background and has been opened while you have an internet connection.  You can switch pages etc. and the permit will still be there.  Offline capability coming soon!


5. We have two adults and three children. One of my children is 18 years old.  Can they be part of our family membership?

Unfortunately the answer is no. We are required to pay an access fee for all riders over 17 years old. Your 18 year old will need an adult membership.  The family membership includes two adults only and up to six children.


6. Do I need a membership/permit for each bike?

No.  The membership/permit is personal and is assigned to one person, no matter what bike you are riding!


7. Can I just log in to the App using my email address and password from the 2020 membership?

You will need to sign up to a new account FIRST on the App.  You may use the same details when you sign up, but you need to start with this process.



For any further questions please just get in touch with us, we're happy to help!