For the past 21 years, Kiwis around the country have been able to get their hands on much-loved
Santa Cruz bikes from a national distributor, thanks to local Nelson business Hyperformance
It’s no surprise they are coming on board as a Gold Sponsor, given their passion for the Nelson
“We believe it’s the most awesome mountain biking place in New Zealand, so we want to help
maintain and grow the network, as well as helping to build its reputation,” says co-owner Mike
Stylianou. “NMTBC plays an important role in making that happen, so this sponsorship is one way to

The best base for Santa Cruz

Nelson wasn’t the original home of Hyperformance Hardware, but one weekend of riding was all it took!
“Seventeen years ago, we came for a weekend of adventure – riding the Wakamarina track in the
snow on a Santa Cruz Juliana SL and Santa Cruz Blur Classic, both with a sweet 100mm of travel.
Even before the trip was complete, we were sold,” says Mike. “Codgers wasn’t even developed and there was no such thing as Enduro racing. Back then, it was cross country, downhill or road. But we could see the potential of mountain biking in Nelson, so we relocated our HQ and haven’t looked back.”
Since then, Santa Cruz Bicycles – distributed through Hyperformance Hardware – has been strongly
connected with the Nelson mountain bike community: riding local trails, testing and launching bikes
in Nelson, sponsoring events and fostering up and coming riders to help them reach the world stage.

Santa Cruz Paydirt and Butters trail
The Santa Cruz PayDirt Fund jointly funded the Butters trail, an iconic trail built with the EWS in
mind.  It has the classic steep, native, natural lines that Nelson is famous for, and Hyperformance Hardware wants to ensure the ongoing awesomeness of this trail – a feat that will
be helped by their Santa Cruz Bicycles sponsorship.

Bikes for every trail, rider and era…
The Nelson trail network and mountain biking has developed so much in 21 years, with bikes now for
all types of trails and riders.
It’s no surprise that you will see Santa Cruz Bicycles of every era riding the Nelson trails – they are
built to be durable and long lasting and are backed up with legendary support and a warranty of the
highest standard all located here in Nelson.
This year we moved all our warehousing to Nelson to regain some sanity in a world where logistics
seems to have gone crazy. An acceptable trade off to leave the craziness of big city logistics and to
be able to work with other local businesses.
You can find Santa Cruz Bicycles now at 14 independent dealers throughout NZ – check the website for your local dealer.

Plus a Santa Cruz Bullit e-MTB
On top of all of the above, Santa Cruz Bicycles NZ have lent a Santa Cruz Bullit e-mtb to NMTBC to
use for trail maintenance and events, which is the best e-bike any volunteer could wish for!  
A container of Santa Cruz Bullit and Heckler e-mtb have just landed in Nelson – check the website for your local independent dealer.