Full Harvest Map

Phase 1 closures (Maitai/Codgers trails such as HotBox and Smasher) will be lifted sometime between Saturday the 21st of August and Wednesday the 25th of August. There will be some disruption for a short time thereafter as harvesting remediation work is carried out. Please follow the directions of any signage.


Phase 2

  • Fringed Hill Road is open, but there is will some minor disruption as harvest remedial works are carried out.
  • The section of Dun Mountain from Tantragee Saddle to Four Corners will remain closed until the week of the 30th of August as both native planting of the recently harvested and poisoned areas, and major remedial works on the Dun Mountain need to be completed.


Phase 3 closures are planned to commence from Wednesday the 18thAUGUST and continue for six (6) weeks until about the end of September. Therefore there will be a short overlap between Phase 1 and 3 closures. Phase 3 trails to be CLOSED include:

  • Te Ara Kopiko (remains closed for phases 1,2,3)  
  • Groom Creek Road (remains closed for phases 1,2,3)  
  • Maitai Valley Walk (Tantragee to Maitai Walkway)
  • Fireball Road from Tantragee to Smasher (remains closed for phases 1 & 3)
  • Turners (remains closed for phases 1 & 3)
  • Firball Climb
  • Waynes Passage
  • Firball (to Firball Dropout)
  • Koata Whetu
  • P51 (to Crazy Horse/Lower Firball junction)
  • Whaneke
  • Viral Flow
  • IV Line
  • HulknHogan

 Access to trails such as Smasher, Hotbox, DiVAs, Top Dog and Lollipop will be via the new climbing trail, Koata Whenua or Golf Course Road (but not recommended as it is so wet)


Koata Whetu is now open but will close again on 18 August. 


A full map of the phases can be found by clicking on the link above.