TRAIL UPDATE – 9 September

We are excited to announce that the trails on the Brook side of Fringed Hill are now open to the Coppermine!  This includes:

  • Upper Butters
  • Upper Te Ara Koa
  • Upper Fringed Hill Downhill
  • The Classic from the Coppermine up to the Fringed Hill Downhill skid.

The lower sections of Butters, Te Ara Koa and FDH have major, unstable slips that have yet to be assessed by Geotechs.  The trails must be exited via the Coppermine back to Tantragee Saddle.

A couple of things to note:

  • These trails were checked immediately after the storm, but haven’t been ridden recently.  There may be some trees down and fresh slips.  Please add these to Trailforks if you come across them.
  • The Coppermine is closed beyond Four Corners, and the Sanctuary fence line is closed.  You can head up or down the Classic to/from Fringed Hill, but you cannot descend down to Eureka Park.
  • The Coppermine is TWO-WAY.  Please expect to see walkers, runners and riders going both ways.
  • Fringed Hill Road Climb must be accessed via the Codgers side.  There is no access beyond Tantragee Saddle into the Maitai. 
  • Fireball Road remains closed.
  • The trails from Fringed Hill that head towards the Maitai from Black Diamond will  remain closed until the substantial Maitai Road works are undertaken. We don’t have an expected open date yet, but will keep you posted!

Thanks for being legends and adhering to signage and taping! Enjoy these trails!


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Trails Open:

  • Coppermine – Brook Street to Four Corners ONLY.  
  • Tu Meke 
  • Lower Firball (below Jack’s Hub only)
  • Lower Crazy Horse (below Jack’s Hub only)
  • Young Codgers
  • Saddle Road.

Trails Closed:

Everything else in Codgers remains closed.  The good news is that Geotech assessments have started and we expect access higher up into Codgers sometime next week. Tasman Journeys and Pipeline have significant unstable slips which is where the focus is

Heavy machinery operating on roads. This remains a no-go area.  Tasman Pine Forests Ltd are continuing work on the access roads.


Closed – no go area.
All recreation access STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Harvesting operations, major flooding and slipping.




  • Access is limited to riding up this trail as harvesting and repair works are happening on Glider Road. Remember it is a two-way trail, so take extreme care both ways.) 
  • Alternatively, you may wish to get to Involution via the Barnicoat Ridgeline trail from Silvan Forest which is a bit more of an adventure! 


  • Glider Road
  • Piwakawaka
  • Barnicoat Walkway / Firebreak

We don’t have any update on these trails from Tasman District Council.

All trails closed.  Click here for a map showing the status of recreational areas.  The mountain bike trails are not shown as they are all closed.