NMTBC Cyclocross Series 2021 Round 4 – Cable Bay

Cable Bay Adventure Park 194 Cable Bay Road, Nelson

Similar to XC, Cyclocross (CX) sees riders completing laps of a mixed terrain/obstacle course. There is a time limit usually between 40 minutes to an hour, and the person to complete the most laps in that time is the winner! Obstacles can include trails, roads, paddocks, fences, trees, horse jumps, steps, whatever else the organiser can think of! And yes, you must take your bike with you through and over all of these things! Fancy dress is often donned, and kids races are commonly a part of the Nelson CX scene.

This is also a fantastic spectator sport because most of the course can be visible from the start/finish line, and there are always thrills and spills to entertain.

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NMTBC Downhill Series- 2021 Nelson Championships

Downhill (DH) mountain bike racing is a format of racing that pushes rider skill and fitness to the limits. It takes place on fast, steep, technical, rough tracks. Riders take it in turns to see who can get from start to finish the fastest. Riders will normally get to walk the track prior to the race, then have a limited opportunity for practice runs before seeding and racing. Seeding is a single run that determines the race run order. The benefit of being first in seeding is that you get to race last, and therefore often know what time you need to beat in your race run.

NMTBC Super D Series-Round 1

The bottom line of Super D is to get people out and about: whole families, groups of mates, couples who don’t have enough time to ride together…this is for you!