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Aorere Junior Enduro Powered by Gravity

April 29, 2023 @ 8:00 pm April 30, 2023 @ 4:00 am NZST

Aorere Junior Enduro – Powered by Gravity Nelson – $50 per rider

Gravity Nelson is excited to bring this year’s Gravity Junior Enduro to the Aorere Race weekend schedule. The addition of the Junior Enduro to the weekend events will now give younger riders the opportunity to experience the challenge of completing a multi-stage race. With the explosion of technical skills among younger riders around the country the idea is for riders to race a course almost as hard as this year’s adult Aorere course, but with shorter stages and more breaks. To cater to the spectrum of abilities there will be an advanced course and an intermediate course.

By running the junior event parallel to the open categories, younger riders will be able to rub shoulders with well-known riders from across the nation and get inspired to ride the main event in years to come. 

Ages: Under 18 (as of 31 December 2023).

(Riders under 10yo need to apply to Gravity for sign-off).


Friday 28/4 – Race Pack Pick up from Gravity Nelson, 140 Bridge St, Nelson, from 3pm to 5pm.  Big thanks to Abbott Insurance Nelson for sponsoring the Race Packs.   If you can’t make it on Friday then you can collect on Saturday at the race.

Saturday 29/4: Race Day!

8:30 AMRego and timing chips at the Waahi Taakaro golf club up the Maitai Valley
9:00Race Briefing for racers
9:30 AMAdvanced Racers load into Shuttles
10:00 AMAdvanced Racers drive to FDH Skid- then pedal to the top of Te Ara Koa.
10:30 AMAdvanced Racers dropping into stage one on TAK
One Minute gap between racers, yes parents can ride behind racers, but MUST let other riders pass them immediately.
10:30 AMIntermediate Racers load into Shuttles
11:00 AMIntermediate Racers unload at Tangtragee Saddle – then pedal to Lower Te Ara Koa
11:30 AMIntermediate Racers drop into Tracky Mc Track Face
One Minute gap between racers, yes parents can ride behind racers.
NOTE: We want to have a sensible mix of the Int/Adv kids, I think Advanced kids may need a 2 minute gap if following an intermediate kid.
Riders exit TAK and ride up Fireball road to Fireball skid and then along to HotBox: NOTE water filling station is available at the entrance to the Codgers Mountain Bike Park on the Right Hand Side of the road next to the Coppermine Loop signage.
12:00Upper TAK to the Dun Mountain swept, closed, tape removed.
12:00First Advanced Riders expected to drop into HotBox
Riders exit HOTBOX and ride back through Golf Course for a snack and more water at the Golf Course base stationthen ride to Sharlands and up to Chompa
12:30Tracky McTrackFace swept, closed, tape removed.
13:30HOT BOX swept, closed, tape removed.
13:30First Advanced Riders expected to drop into Mr Chompa
14:30MR CHOMPA swept, closed, tape removed.
Note, we may sweep up Central road and load some stragglers into the bus from 2pm so they can still do final race run.
15:00Prize Giving at the Waahi Taakaro golf club up the Maitai Valley

The Waahi Taakaro golf club up the Maitai Valley will host the race hub and will have snacks, food, and drinks for sale throughout the Jr and Snr enduros.

Course Options:

Shuttle to the Start of Fringed DH (FDH Skid), 
Liaison: Riders make their way to the top of Te Ara Koa.  
Stage One: Te Ara Koa (First Section) to FDH Skid.
Stage Two: Te Ara Koa (Second Section) FDH Skid down to the crossing of Classic.  
Stage Three: Te Ara Koa (Third Section) Crossing of Classic to Dun. 

Join Intermediate course


Dropped off at Tantregee saddle.
Liaison: Pedal to Te Ara Koa where it crosses Dun (ie Tracky Mctrack face) 
Stage one (Intermediate) aka Stage Four (advanced): Tracky McTrack Face full track. 
Liason: Pedal from the end of Te Ara Koa to Hot Box via Firball Road.
Stage two (intermediate) Stage five (advanced): Full Hot Box to Maitai.
Liaison: Pedal from the bottom of Hot Box to the golf course hub
Liaison: Pedal up from the golf course to Loam Ranger or Mr. Chomper.
Stage three (intermediate) Stage six (advanced): Mr chomper.

Parents are encouraged to have their kids pre-ride a full Te Ara Koa run (with stops along the way) and a Hot Box before signing up for the race to ensure they are going to be comfortable racing at this level.  

A note for parents and caregivers who are unfamiliar with Nelson trails: 

Please be aware that although this event is named a Junior Enduro, your children need to be comfortable riding hard Grade 4 or solid Grade 5 trails. We would advise all parents to please pre-ride the trails with their children prior to the event. Feel free to get in touch with Gravity to organise coaching on these tracks, or shuttles up to them.


Body Protection: 
The following safety equipment is compulsory. Full-face helmet (chin bar style helmets are allowed), knee pads, gloves, and elbow pads. It is highly recommended that children race in a neck brace.

Bicycle Safety: 
Bicycles need to be in excellent condition for this race and should be inspected by a mechanic before the race. If you have any doubts at all about the condition or safety of your bicycle please take it to Gravity Nelson for inspection. Riders must race on full suspension (For exemption please contact Gravity Nelson). Disc brakes are required.  NOTE: Please check the ends of your handlebars for end caps, as bicycles without end caps on the handlebars will not be permitted to race.

Water and Snacks:

Owing to the length of the race and the age of the participants parents are reminded to have their kids ride with appropriate snacks and water.   The Nelson Mountain Bike Club will provide locations for refiling water as well as additional snacks along the route.

Let’s all have fun out there.


Gravity Nelson and the Nelson Mountain Bike Club.