christmas trail openings

CHRISTMAS Trail Openings!!
1. Sharlands Road is now fully open. YES!!! But please note that What the DOCtor Ordered will remain closed.
2. Fringed Trails. From Saturday 18 December to Sunday 9 January, Bob Taylor Road (629 South Branch Climb), E Tu and Mutleys will re-open while harvesting closes down for Christmas. Wahoo!!!
3. Marsden Trails. The Marsden Forest trails will open tomorrow afternoon, Friday 17th December. They will remain open until the 4th of January, with harvest set to resume on the 5th January. Glider Road is still not completely open, so access to Involution is via (the steep) Barnicoat Walkway.
REMEMBER – please check the trails status either in Trailforks or on the Membership App if you are unsure whether a trail is closed. If it has been raining, avoid trails that are muddy (i.e where your tyres leave a rut) for 24 hours after rain. Some trails do hold up in the rain, so not all trails should be avoided when it rains. We rely on you to make the right call when choosing what trail to ride! Happy Christmas riding!