Louise Kelly

Posted by Paul McNabb on November 3, 2020 at 9:46 AM



Last month I asked a few questions of top local rider Louise Kelly, since then she’s raced in Europe and is already back, plus Liv-cycling did a better job of interviewing her and so here’s the link, but Louise was kind enough to answer a few questions despite her schedule.



So Louise, what are you famous for?

Probably Judo, I have done Judo since I was 12 and competed and represented NZ with multiple National and Oceania titles to my name since 2014.

How did you get here?

3 years ago I did my first enduro race and I just keep going up from there. I’m pretty fortunate to have friends who gave me the opportunity to get to where I am today.

Where are you going to end up?

Not really sure. I’m just going to keep riding my bike and having fun. See where it takes me.

How did COVID-19 upset your 2020 plans?

Originally I had planned to race a few rounds of the Enduro World Series (EWS) but then Covid hit so I just stayed home and did a few local races after lockdown. But in the end Covid didn’t really upset my plans as I got given a huge opportunity to go race the remaining rounds of the EWS in Europe for Liv racing. So it all worked out way better than I had ever thought.

When and where is your next big event?

Two EWS rounds in Italy on the 20th and 26th of this month (October).

What bike do you race on and what is one thing you love about it?

I race my 2020 Liv Hail Advanced. My favourite part of the bike is the DVO jade X coil because it adds so many different elements to the bike. With the incredible lock out it makes climbing easy while giving heaps of grip on the decent.

What's your favourite ride if you've got an hour to spare?

Can’t go wrong with a Turners, Top Dog, Hot Box. Three very different trails all done nice and quick.

There are a lot of women out there riding bikes and participation in female only events is really good, however our club events are generally poorly attended by female riders. Do you think we should be encouraging more female participation in mountain biking events?

I think there should be more female only events, the atmosphere is awesome and it’s always a good time just laughing and having fun with friends. Women’s only events create a very encouraging environment for new comers which is awesome. There are a lot more women turning up to super D races and getting involved, it’s very cool to see. So I think with time more women will get involved.