CX series 2020

Posted by Paul McNabb on September 17, 2020 at 9:09 AM


Caption Warren Burgess leads Henry Jaine through the sand trap at the final round of the Nelson CX series. No credit supplied.

Four rounds of CX/short track/kids races were held over winter this year. For various reason I made it to only two. I enjoyed a mid-pack finish in both and had my first ever CX race at the final round. After breaking a spoke and having last minute tyre pressure issues I reckon us larger guys need to stick with the larger tyres.

 The real highlight was always the kids race and the numbers turning up surely justified the extra effort. At the pointy end of the main event Henry Jaine was pushed hard by a very sharp Warren Burgess, who took the series overall while Zoe King smashed them all and took four wins. The MTB event was dominated by a group of very fast Junior riders Ethan Woods from Motueka, Cam Anderson and Finn Mackenzie from Marlborough, Cam unfortunately breaking his wrist at some point and not completing all rounds. But the level of competition can only be good for all involved. As usual the women’s fields were generally quite small but Josie Wilcox chased all those young guys, and beat some, at the first round, where perhaps the large hill run was to her liking (well, more than most).

 Big thanks to the team that put these events on, it is great to see sponsors turning up not only with prizes but also putting themselves on timing duty (Nik) or to cook the sausages (Jason). I know Vaughan was also grateful to the venues who hosted the events.

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