There was a great turn out at the 2023 AGM, thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along, we had over 50 members in attendance. The NMTBC committee enjoyed meeting with members, being able to answer questions and receive feedback from attendees. Thanks to Matt Ball for doing a great job of chairing the meeting and to all the NMTBC Committee portfolio holders who shared summaries from their portfolio.

Matt introduced members to the new NMTBC Club Manager, Geoff Wright, who spoke about his enthusiasm for the role. Matt thanked the previous Club Manager, Belinda Crisp, the club contractors, the committee members, stakeholders and all members. He spoke about ongoing work towards securing land access agreements, growing the membership numbers and creating a region wide reciprocal relationship with other MTB areas in Nelson Tasman. Matt made a special thanks to the Nelson Regional Development Agency and Ngati Koata for funding a new economic impact study into mountain biking in our region. The results from this study will be useful for NTMBC’s lobbying power and our success at securing funding.

Membership is at about 2800, about the same as this time last year. There was interesting discussions at the AGM about how we can increase the membership numbers and engage more of the Nelson community who currently ride but aren’t members. We received feedback from some attendees that it would be good for the committee so provide more regular updates to members about what we are working towards and where their membership money goes.

The Gorge continues to have challenges with maintaining the access road and at times low rider numbers. Brent, the portfolio holder, encouraged members to make the most of the amazing trails there and support the asset by riding at the Gorge. The Firetruck has been sold and a new Landcruiser purchased. A special thanks to Greg, the Gorge Operation manager for all his work over the previous year.

NMTBC held 38 events over the past year with a mix of social events, casual racing and national level races. The August floods effected several events. Jono, the event portfolio holder, thanked Tayla, the NMTBC event admin committee member, he thanked all the volunteers who helped at events throughout the year and event organisers.

The August Floods caused damage on 95% of the local trail network. Jamie, the trail portfolio holder, explained that between this and the Sharlands Forestry Operation it has been a tough year for trails. The good news is that the majority of trails have either been repaired, are going to be repaired shortly or have been fixed by volunteers. Sharlands is also open again. A new Maitai climbing trail will be open soon to access the Maitai Face Trails.

Over the past year the following committee members retired Brendan Hills (Rest in Peace), Zane Smith, Scott Jones and Anne Malham. Matt thanked these committee members for their contributions within the committee and for their contributions to mountain biking in Nelson.

The following committee members were formally elected to the committee as they had joined mid term: Jamie Roberts, Brent Goddard and Mel Barker. New committee member, Gillian Bearman, was formally elected as the Club Treasurer. Matt Ball was re-elected as Chair person, Jono Corfield was re-elected at Vice-Chair and Mel Barker was elected as Secretary. Tony Mifsud and Tayla Carson remain on the committee also.

Further discussions held at the AGM included queries about when, and if, the Maitai Hub Pump Track is to be repaired, a Nelson City Council representative at the AGM commented that it will be rebuilt once specialist contractors are available. There were discussions about future proofing the trail network, for example not building in pine forestry, Matt explained that this is the ideal that NMTBC is working towards, securing land access in the Maitai Codgers area will help with this, and that we are exploring options for more trails in the Richmond area on council land.

Many thanks to Two Thumb Brewery, Nourish Catering and the Waahi Taakaro Golf Club for helping make the AGM a success. A massive thanks to club sponsors and volunteers for all your support.

Finally, there was a very positive vibe about the future of mountain biking in Nelson at the AGM. We’re looking forward to another year of working towards making Nelson an exceptional place to ride!

Here  are the ways that you can be involved:

  • Join the club.
  • Enter an event.
  • Volunteer with us.
  • Tell a friend about NMTBC. 

Mel Barker – Club Secretary.